New awesome features with our iOS updates

By: Keith Jasper (@keithjasper)

There’s definitely something in the air today at VSporto and I want to talk about a few things we think are pretty awesome.

We started bringing you 24-hour radio of your favorite teams less than four months ago on September 26th at 8pm. Within four hours of launch we had over 400 app downloads. Amazingly since then, we’ve had an estimated number of over 40,000 total listening hours on our channels. That’s nearly 500 total listening hours per day. We launched with some awesome features like the first ever on-demand for a radio channel, live radio streaming, daily team-specific shows, and news updates every hour on your favorite team.

Today we continue to reinvent radio for sports fans.

Our new iOS app updates for Bulldog Sports Radio and Rebel Sports Radio bring you new really cool features – Rewind and Fast Forward for On-Demand. Most people want more controls over their media and this new feature is certainly bringing that to our fans. Listeners can now rewind and fast forward through any On-Demand show. It works pretty doggone well too.

Not to stop there, our on-demand feature is now AirPlay supported. Airplay lets you stream audio throughout your entire house – wirelessly. To learn more about Airplay: go here.

For our live listening fans, we’ve brought an amazingly better live stream to you, for a much more uninterrupted listening experience. We’ve compared our live stream to Pandora and TuneIn and we’re pretty amazed at the quality. After comprehensive testing, we’re really excited about this feature.

VSporto is not standing still. We think there is a better way to deliver sports radio and we live to bring that to you. We keep making our channels better and better and better. Over the next several months we’re excited to bring you even more cool new features and new team channels.