VSporto is making radio more interactive

By: Keith Jasper (@keithjasper)

VSporto launched just a few months ago and in that short amount of time, we’ve seen really amazing growth. To date, we’ve had over four million minutes streamed through our channels. That’s over nine years worth of total listening time in just five months. VSporto has changed the way we listen to and interact with sports radio in Mississippi.

We’ve also had many loyal listeners not just all over the country, but also 40 countries all over the world. Including Germany – where many U.S. soldiers are tuning in, France, and Spain. And we’re just getting started.

Today we’re announcing “Text Connect”, a new in-app SMS text messaging product. Fans can now text message our hosts and voice their opinions during broadcasts. Exclusive interaction with experts and hosts, VSporto keeps you entertained and informed like never before in radio. The new “Text Connect” is accessible from the new chat bubble icon on the main screen.

Here’s what it looks like:

Now you may be wondering what happened to the Twitter Stream feature. It’s still there. These are your options when you tap the chat bubble icon:

Not to stop there, our hosts can also text back. This is one of the most interactive radio experiences in the world. It’s really fun and it brings fans even closer to the game.

This new update will be for iOS users later this weekend.

Over the next several weeks, VSporto will be unveiling some insanely awesome products that I just can’t wait to show you. And we’re excited to be bringing them to you.