VSporto makes advertising mobile and interactive

By: Keith Jasper (@keithjasper)

One of the questions people are always curious about is how VSporto makes money. The answer is advertising, but the product we have is unique, and we wanted to build an extremely powerful ad platform for Mississippi businesses. We wanted to build a platform that isn’t intrusive to the experience of our listeners, but does better serve them.

The way radio advertising has been carried out for decades is audio commercials. Let’s say you hear an ad that interests you, but you’re driving, you have to store in it your memory to check out the advertiser later – if you remember it – or pull your vehicle over and write down a note about it. Yuck. So how do you solve this? Well it turns out, VSporto has solved it.

So we’re just gonna serve audio ads like all other radio right? No. We want to make a leapfrog advertising platform that is way more effective and super-easy to use.

Today we’re announcing a revolutionary approach to advertising in radio with our mobile display and “Click To Anything” ad platform.

It’s the most powerful type of advertising because it brings Mississippi businesses to mobile devices and provides simple, instant information to users.

Here’s what our mobile display ads look like:

Click To Anything is the coolest feature of our mobile display ads. Our mobile display ads can do virtually anything a smartphone is capable of when you tap them:

- click to call
- click to text
- click to e-mail
- click to see on a map and get turn-by-turn directions
- click to watch video
- click to hear audio
- click to go to a website
- click to survey
- click to receive a coupon
- click to play a game
- click to see more information

We also put advertisers in control. These display ads can run however long you want, and we can provide an insane amount of detailed ad statistics to advertisers. Best of all, businesses can begin an ad campaign within seconds!

Here’s what some of our Click To Anything ads look like in action:

This is only a snippet of what these babies can do. These mobile display ads are simple, interactive, and extremely effective by offering instant information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. They offer so much to Mississippi businesses and we’re really excited to bring them to our users.

Even more exciting announcements at VSporto are coming next week.