VSporto is going live, live

By: Keith Jasper (@keithjasper)

VSporto announced some pretty cool things last week, including the Text Connect feature, which has really taken off. we’re getting tons of interaction from our listeners and it’s really fun to see. We announced a revolutionary advertising platform for Mississippi businesses with our “Click To Anything” feature; allowing ads to click to virtually anything imaginable on a smartphone. In two days our display ads have generated over 10,000 impressions. This proves that Mississippians have already switched to mobile.

VSporto has had the live streams since we launched, but like many other forms of media – including television and radio – we pre-recorded our radio shows. Internet radio live broadcasts can be tricky, not to mention unstable, and we’ve been doing a lot of research into a true high quality, stable way to broadcast live. Well it turns out, we’ve done it.

Today we’re announcing that VSporto is going live soon, and we mean live, live.

We’ll have true live broadcasts bringing you latest information on your favorite team in the quickest possible way. Our radio hosts will be able to interact with our listeners live through our Text Connect feature.

Not to stop there, we’ll also be taking callers live on the air.

If breaking news happens with your favorite team, we’ll break into our regular scheduled broadcasts to bring you the most up to date coverage, live. We’ll also get instant opinions from fans, bringing you the most interactive radio experience ever. And we’re pretty excited about it.

No one is bringing you coverage of your favorite teams like VSporto. We’ve got Text Connect, we’ve got live broadcasts, we’ll be taking live callers, and we’ll be bringing you true live coverage of your favorite team 24-hours a day.

Even more exciting announcements are coming next week here at VSporto.