A Bigger, Newer VSporto

By: Keith Jasper (@keithjasper)

VSporto has announced some really awesome stuff in the past two weeks, including Text Connect, which has been updated to over 6,000+ mobile devices in less than a week. We also launched our new advertising platform which has generated over 30,000 impressions in less than a week. We’re really excited about how these new features are taking off.

After we launched VSporto, we focused intensely on mobile, but as it turns out, so many listeners wanted our live broadcasts on our websites along with more features. We quickly hacked something away and started planning on newer, better equipped websites.

Today we’re announcing the new VSporto team websites. And boy do they look good.

Here’s what they look like:

These are some of the best designed websites. Simple, intuitive, gorgeous, and really fun to hang out at.

The new additions include channel programming schedules, better social media integration, radio host rosters, and a lot more.

We’ve also made a better live radio player. Now when you want to listen to VSporto online, the radio player will open in a separate, small window. So you can surf the web and listen to VSporto channels without having to stay on a VSporto website.

Not to stop there, the new web radio player can work with virtually any phone, which means Blackberry and Windows Mobile users can now listen to VSporto channels anywhere in the world.

Just add the VSporto team channel site to your mobile device home page as an icon and it works very similarly to the apps. And you can always go straight to listening to VSporto. Pretty cool huh?

The new websites will be rolling out today and we’re excited to bring them to you. Along with even more exciting announcements later this week.